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Deliciously Pleasurable Ice Pops

Let the combination of fruits, frost, and cannabis quench your thirst and calm your mind. Try these zesty flavors and satisfy your cravings. We have mouthwatering varieties that will excite your senses!


Beat the heat and surprise yourself with refreshing, rich, ripe watermelons. It calms both the heat and the overheating mind. We assure lively flavourful ice pops to quench your watermelon cravings better.


Icy vapors, rich flavor, and mouth-watering pineapple flavor in it; this is a bright and breezy combination to take your frosty fun on another level. We select healthy wealthy pineapples and extract their tastiness to infuse in these ice pops.


Enjoy the vibrant and bright taste of blue raspberry in our ice pops. It will surely invigorate your senses and enjoy the soothing experience of calmness from this full-flavored treat.


When life gives you lemons, you turn them into lemonade. At Frozen Haze, we turn your lemonade into an enjoyable treat.

Engaged with Flavourful Popsicles? Let’s Not Disturb You!

Be crazy when it comes to fruity pleasures!

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